Model Portfolios

What we believe. We believe that every investor should have access to actively managed and diversified investment portfolios run by expert investment professionals, regardless of their level of wealth. This is why there is no minimum investment requirement for any of our services.

What we do not believe. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We have decades of experience in providing innovative and forward-thinking investment solutions to support advisers with the varied and complex needs of their clients. Our proposition comprises of four available investment styles across a multitude of risk and currency options, all with real track records and providing 100% daily liquidity.


Our award-winning model portfolio range

Mainstream Investments
15 year track record
Six risk-graded model portfolio options
Availbale in EUR and GBP
No minimum investment
0.3% AMC
ESG Investments
9 year track record
Five risk-graded model portfolio options
Available in EUR
No minimum investment
0.4% AMC
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