Have you heard about TAM Global?

TAM Global is our multi-asset fund solution for investors worldwide. Our 15 year global balanced strategy has been unitised into a single fund which now celebrates a 3 year track record.


This balanced Irish Collective Asset-management Vehicle (ICAV) aims to provide a return on your investment (achieved via increasing the value of the assets held within the portfolio) over a long-term investment horizon, usually referred to as between three and five years. The fund’s investment structure is that of a “fund of fund” which seeks to provide investors with a diversified investment portfolio consisting of UCITS compliant funds or “collectives” from across the global investment universe.

Key features and benefits

  • Award-winning 15-year global balanced strategy with a proven 3-year track record
  • Effective single solution for IFAs with inherited clients
  • A cost-effective solution for life bond clients - almost complete eradication of trading costs 
  • A proven tax efficient vehicle - no CGT until withdrawn for Spanish residents
  • Daily traded and highly liquid with no entry fees or exit penalties
  • Simplified fixed pricing with a 0.15% AMC - one of the lowest in the market
  • Available in GBP, EUR and USD and on platforms
  • Simple and straightforward to set up with 24/7 online access to instant valuations


Factsheet                                                               Infographic

If you would like to chat to us about our TAM Global multi-asset fund, or to discuss our discretionary investment management services in general, please get in touch with our European Manager today.