TAM Talks is live: Join our first webinar!

In light of the nationwide lockdown and the repercussions that has on face to face meetings, we have been thinking of new and interactive ways to keep in touch with you, that go above and beyond our regular insight emails - queue TAM Talks.

TAM Talks is our brand new webinar series that enables us to virtually interact with you, keeping you updated with how our Investment Management team is reacting to the current market conditions in order to protect your clients' assets.

We're also  pleased to let you know that our website has had a little facelift, with a slicker look and feel that makes it easier for you to find all the information you need, accessing all the resources available to you quickly and simply.

Our pilot TAM Talks webinar will take place on Tuesday 14th April at 11.00am BST, hosted by TAM's Chief Investment Officer, James Penny. James will talk us through the perils of trying to time financial markets in these volatile times, the approach that TAM has employed in order to best protect client assets, and what our outlook and strategy is for the coming months.

Click below to attend our first TAM Talks webinar

We want to make TAM Talks as interactive as possible and therefore you will have the opportunity to send over your questions throughout each presentation, which will be answered in a dedicated Q&A session. You will also be able to vote on the topics you would most like us to cover in future webinars.

We hope that you, your family, friends and colleagues are staying safe during this time, and don't forget - TAM's here to talk.