TAM Under the Hood: Alpha vs OCF

As a DFM, it is our core objective to outperform our benchmark with minimal risk. But if we are achieving returns superior to the market that are just being swallowed up by high fees, then what's the point?

The below graph show's where our TAM Premier Balanced portfolio currently sits against our mainstream competitors when it comes to outperforming one's own benchmark against the fees charged to do so. As you can see, TAM is currently delivering a service like no other...

Source: TAM Asset Management Ltd. Figures correct as at 31 December 2020.
TAM OCF figure includes TAM AMC and underlying fund charge.

If you would like to chat to us about our portfolio charges or risk management, or our discretionary investment management services in general, please get in touch with the TAM Europe team today.

The TAM Europe Team

  Thomas Worthington
  European Manager
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  Marina Seabright
  Client Services and Operations Manager 
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  Delia Garrido
  Operations and Compliance Assistant 
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  Lester Petch
  Group CEO and CIO
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