TAM Under the Hood: Instant valuations

We often receive requests from our advisers for valuations for your clients’ investment portfolios. Whilst we are more than happy to provide these to you, we thought it may be useful to remind you that you can log in to the TAM Platform at any time and view them instantly. Further, with a few clicks you can download a formatted PDF version to email on to your client.

We’ve tried to make things really convenient and have created a simple user guide to tell you everything you need to know in order to navigate the TAM Platform and get the most out of the system. You can download it below, and will be able to find it in our website library any time.

Download our TAM Platform user guide

If you do not have the log in details for any of your clients' accounts, please kindly email admin@tameurope.com who will be very happy to provide these to you.

If you have any questions about viewing or downloading valuations from the TAM Platform, or any other questions about getting the most out of the system, please get in touch with our European Manager today.